Let's restore the land and create a healthier planet for future generations

One acre of restored land can remove over 7 tons of carbon dioxide a year from the Earth's atmosphere.

When you make a donation to Sustainable Harvest International (SHI), you help rural families in Central America improve their well-being by transitioning away from harmful agricultural practices like slash-and-burn and the heavy use of agro-chemicals. With your donation, partnering families can adopt regenerative methods to grow an abundance of healthy food for themselves and their communities. They'll protect and restore their land so it can provide for generations, all while drawing down carbon from the atmosphere and healing our planet.

How do SHI farming partners restore the land? Local field trainers help farmers adopt practices that increase soil carbon and biodiversity to allow for a healthy soil ecosystem. These practices include cover cropping, composting, erosion barriers, intercropping, crop rotation, and decreasing or eliminating burning the land, using agrochemicals, and tilling. Healthier soil and the planting of trees provide a remarkable system for capturing carbon dioxide from the Earth's atmosphere.

Sustainable Harvest International promotes a future where both farmers and their land can flourish.

This Earth Day, support the restoration of degraded land in Honduras, Panama, and Belize.

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All gifts to Sustainable Harvest International are tax deductible.
A donation to this campaign supports SHI's mission to work together to create a just and sustainable world through transformative farmer training that nourishes communities and the earth.

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