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Seeing soot-blackened ceilings in kitchens inside families’ homes. A mom of a teenager telling me she came to Belize from El Salvador with nothing in order to escape the imminent gang recruitment of her son.

These memories were among many that made a lasting impression on me and others earlier this year during my first visit to see Sustainable Harvest International’s work in action.

Sustainable Harvest International empowers hard-working families to improve their own lives. They show families ways to farm their land that will enable them to put better food on the table, and more of it! Then most families earn income by selling their excess food, which they often use for their children’s education and family health care expenses. And as that change happens, those same families work to protect and plant trees in Central America’s vital tropical forests, which benefits us all.

Change through empowerment is what attracted me to Sustainable Harvest International. The organization’s ability to help more families – if they only had more funding – is why I am reaching out to you. Please consider a gift to improve the lives of 120 families! We need your help.

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